Website Online

If you are wondering what do you need to have a website online, here I will describe the main components that is necessary

Basically requires three things:

  • Domain Name address
  • Hosting Server
  • Web design and development

Domain Name:

The domain name is the address of your website, is the name people type at the top of the web browser to reach your website (example  The domain name address is important because it should reflect the name of your company and what they do. Your logo, brand and domain name should be related.   An important component for a domain name is the extension which goes after the name (examples .com, .ca, .net. org, .edu, etc). It also reflects a little bit about what your brand does.  The most popular is .com.  

Hosting Server:

This is the place on the Internet that you normally rent where the website will be allocated, the direction where your domain name will point to. The place where the files used in your website is stored. It also contains the database of your website and your possible custom brand email address. The hosting server is in charge of connecting your website program to the internet and receiving visitors to your website.

Web design and development:

This is the coding and program languages used to create the files that will be your website. These files will be located in your hosting server. The most popular languages are Html, CSS and JavaScript. Now it is possible to build websites without any knowledge of coding and languages. There are many web builder services on the internet that work like drag and drop to build a website, and there are other CMS platforms that require some knowledge, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. 

Similitude with the physical world:

If we want to create a similitude of a website with the physical world, imagine the web domain name address as the physical address of your business. The hosting will be the physical place, or the big room, where your business is located. And the website files will be everything you have inside the big room that makes your business operate.