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Helping you with technical tasks so you can concentrate on what you do.

Technical Solutions for the digital world


Thank you for visiting my website, here is my intention to show some services I can provide locally and remotely based on my technical skills, job experiences and passions. I believe continue education is a key to success.  Also in my Blog I want to contribute with articles to explain some technical task.

It is my goal to help people and businesses locally or remotely using digital and online tools in the following areas of expertise:

digital solutions


Technical work in the following specialities

Oil & Gas

MWD / LWD Consultant

Digital Solutions

Web Design - Ecommerce - Social Media

Computer Technology

Hardware and Software Assistance


Services are locally in Calgary, Alberta or remotely using communication applications and remote access tools.  Services can be provided in English and Spanish. 

Oil & Gas

Extensive experience in MWD systems

MWD Consultant

Offering services as a MWD contractor.

Electronic Technologist

MWD Repair & Maintenance, Installations, troubleshooting

Remote Operation

MWD Remote Operation. Technical support

Digital Solutions

Helping you have an online presence.

Web Design

Have an online presence with a marketing oriented website.


Create your online store. Experiment the excitement to sell online.

Social Media

Have your business page in social media. Create Content and Advertisement.

Computer Technology

Specialist in computers with Windows and Linux operating systems.

Computer Tech

Software installation, backups, hardware upgrades. Build computer systems.

VHS / Cassete Conversion

Convert your tapes into digital format.

Remote HelpDesk

Remote support with your computer problems.

Ways of interaction and communication

Distance is not a barrier. Services are local and remote.

Remote Assistance

Use of remote access software and video conference calls

International communication

WhatsApp for international communication

English & Spanish

Communication in English or Spanish

Local Services

Located in Calgary - Alberta Contact for any service.


For inquiries, please email or use the contact form button below.

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