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I'm Felix Vicuna, an mwd specialist

Throughout my many years in MWD services, I have found ways to develop my career, learn and apply technologies, meet good professionals and use my skills to work in collaboration as I support projects in a professional manner.
As we move into the future of drilling, remote operations continue to make more sense. It saves costs on field personnel and reduces safety issues. Also, as a global pandemic spreads around the world, companies are looking for ways to adapt to current times and costs.
In 2019, I started to work as a consultant with the business name FEVIC SERVICES LTD. Since then, I have been working as a sub-contractor in MWD remote operations. Also, to adapt to the pandemic restrictions, I built a remote station to work from home and continue applying the policies and procedures of my contractors.


My Specialties

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electronic tech

In university, I studied Electronic Engineering, which helped me to start this journey working as an MWD Electronic technologist for a Directional Drilling service company. I learned about downhole tools, surface equipment and how they function (sensors, electronics, mechanics).

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field operator

I transitioned to the field to work as an MWD/LWD specialist. This is where I learned more about measurements, formation evaluation and drilling processes. I had to leave the practice of electronics for a while but it was totally worth it because I learned new topics about drilling and geology.

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Technical support

An opportunity came to work in a command centre providing technical support for MWD. Here I had the opportunity to apply various software to support the operations. I created time base plots from real-time and memory data, performed data analytics, created KPI, wrote reports and supported MWD field operators with technical issues. This experience brought me an opportunity to put into practice a lot of communication skills.

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Remote Operation

During the most recent years, I have been in remote operation. I remotely manage multiple jobs to cover MWD shifts, where I carry on the surveys and gamma logging. This service fascinates me and aligns well with the tendency of these new times. I have been working in remote centres in offices or, due to Covid, from home. This job has allowed me to apply communications and IT computer skills. I built my own workstations with multiple screens to be able to work at home while following the policies and procedures of my contractors.

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Gain some insight about me

F A Q s

I am located in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Phoenix Technology 2021 -2023, Calgary AB
• Prism remote MWD

MWD Consultant as Fevic Services 2019 – 2022, Calgary AB
• Precision Drilling – MWD Remote Operation
• Cathedral Energy Services – MWD Remote Operation

Precision Drilling 2014 – 2019, Calgary AB
• MWD Electronic Technologist

Ryan Energy 2014 Calgary, AB
• MWD Electronic Technologist

Extreme Engineering (Schlumberger) 2011-2014. Calgary AB
• Command Centre (Operation technical support)
• XEM field Specialist

Atlantic Directional – Ensign Energy 2008 – 2011, Calgary AB
• MWD Electronic Tech

Schlumberger 1997 – 2007, Lima – Peru
• MWD Electronic Tech
• MWD Field Specialist
• Perform Engineer (drilling optimization)

Yes, I have a registered business in Alberta, Canada. Also I have WCB, business insurance and safety tickets.

Yes, I can work from home. I have the equipment and internet connection to perform remote operations from home.

Yes, I can go to your remote centre.

Yes, I have the knowledge and the skills to build a computer system with multiple displays.

I can do remote services for operations in other countries. But I am legally authorized to receive payments in Canada.

Normally I work with one contractor at a time, when the project is finished, I can switch to another contractor.

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