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About Me

  • MWD Consultant
  • Web Design
  • Electronic Tech
  • Computer Tech 
  • Remote HelpDesk
fevic services


I created Fevic Services Ltd to offer services as a freelance and operate under a business name, primarily to offer MWD consultant services for MWD field operations, MWD repair & maintenance, and MWD remote operations. Then I expanded to offer technical services to help in digital transformation in order to help people and businesses have an online presence on the internet and also to help build computer systems and fix computer problems as a computer tech.

fevic consultant

Felix Vicuna (Founder)

Felix has a degree in Electronic Engineering and over 20 years of experience working in technical support in the O&G industry for service companies. 

Our Mission

Technology is part of our daily life, and if we know how to use it, it makes our life easier, more organized and more fun.

But technology changes very quickly, new applications and equipment appears and change every day making us the challenge to learn them fast.

Our mission is to facilitate the use and understanding of technology offering services, guidance and posting information and tutorials.

Our Values

We love what we do, we put passion in our work, we like to get better results and be honest in our services, be transparent in the things that we can do and we know. Our main values are Honesty, Passion and Results.

Our Purpose

Reduce the gap between technology and users, and incentivise their use in a good way to make our lives easier.

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