Fevic Services

  • MWD Field Specialist
  • MWD Remote Operation
  • MWD Electronic and Computer Tech
  • Technical Support 


I created Fevic Services Ltd to offer services as a consultant and operate under a business name.  Also I count with safety tickets and WCB clearance.

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Home Remote Operation (Covid times)

Felix has a degree in Electronic Engineering and over 20 years of experience working in technical support in the O&G industry for service companies. 


Bring high quality service to clients and represent the company in which I provide my services in a professional manner.  Work without supervision and collaborate with others.


I love technology and I found in MWD systems a good way to express my passion and my interest in learning new technology in the directional drilling environment.  My values are Passion, Responsibility and Results.


Its my purpose as a consultant avoids companies the cost to have an employee and be able to work with them in more collaborative way.


MWD Consultant                                                                      Calgary AB  Jul 2019 – Current

MWD Remote Operation

  • Perform in rotating basis remote operation and technical support for MWD operation.
  • Remotely provide directional and gamma data to the directional driller and geologist from the downhole tool.
  • Technical support in MWD troubleshooting operation incidents.

Precision Drilling Directional Services                                     Calgary, AB  Oct 2014 – Mar 2019

Electronic MWD Technologist

Perform system test, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance to the MWD downhole tools and computer data acquisition equipment in the electronic laboratory and shop. Give technical support to the operations and write technical documents about issues and findings.

Nabors: Ryan Directional Services                                            Calgary, AB Jan 2014 – Sept 2014

MWD System Specialist

Technical service for MWD System in the repair and maintenance department. Design system test and procedures for quality control for the MWD system (outgoing system test, incoming system test). Write technical documents about procedures and incidents.

Schlumberger: Extreme Engineering – Pathfinder                  Calgary, AB Dec 2011 – Jan 2014

Extreme Engineering: Command Centre Specialist

Real time operation support centre 24/7 providing responsive technical customer service for companies operating Extreme Engineering MWD tools XEM and Xpulse.

Pathfinder: MWD Field Specialist

Perform MWD operation at rig sites.  Assembly, install, test and operate the downhole tool and computer acquisition equipment to provide directional and gamma data.

Atlantic Directional – Ensign Energy                                   Calgary, AB Sep 2008 – Dec 2011

MWD Electronic Technician

Originally started to work for Atlantic Directional and a year later Ensign Energy absorbed the company. Perform electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance for MWD tools and computer data acquisition equipment. Perform soldering and laboratory instrumentation.

Knowledge System                                                                  Houston, Texas Oct 2007 – Aug 2008

Geopressure Analyst

  • Pore pressure estimation, using formation evaluation data
  • Use of Predict software.

 Schlumberger of Peru, (Drilling and Measurement)           Lima – Peru 1997 – 2007

 Perform Engineer 

  • Field engineer for drilling optimization
  • Risk prevention using real time downhole data and drilling parameters
  • Models’ preparation for torque and drag, hydraulics to compare data with the real time.
  • Wellbore stability, monitoring cuttings and cavings
  • Annular pressure monitoring for ECD and ESD and evaluation for circulation for hole cleaning.
  • Shock and vibration monitoring, suggesting changes in drilling parameters to reduce them.

MWD / LWD Field Specialist      

  • Field operation for Schlumberger MWD / LWD tools, direction, inclination, gamma, resistivity, density and porosity.
  • Field experience in Peru, Colombia, USA
  • Rig up surface equipment and prepare downhole tools.
  • Setup the remote operation center as a project in 2006 for Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Electronic Maintenance

  • Repair and maintenance for Schlumberger MWD / LWD tools, Directional and resistivity tools.
  • Repair and maintenance for Surface equipment. Sensors, computers, cables, calibration stands.
  • Use of electronic laboratory instrumentation for tool service
  • Follow procedure for service levels, upgrades and modifications.